Elder Parker Thomas Alexander

Mexico, Torreon LDS Mission
June 30, 2010 - June 2012

Elder Parker Thomas Alexander
Mission Mexico Torreon
Apartado Postal 792
Coahuila, 27000 Mexico

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Durango, Durango

November 15, 2010

Well, my awesome family, I’m still alive as a district leader. haha

I’m doing pretty good, though. This area is way sweet and fun. There are some waaaay cool members. There’s this one guy who reminds me a lot of Enos so we hit it off right off the bat. The members here are actually pretty darn rich compared to everyone in Industrial. My Christmas is gonna rock so don’t even worry. We’ll be with an awesome family for Christmas and their house is the most American one I’ve seen here. Really, Durango is a lot more American in general. I went to Walmart today and I just died I was so happy! Haha. It was fun. I am pretty sure that Wikipedia lies because it’s not about 40% Caucasian.... there are a lot of really white Mexicans here though. Maybe they count that as Caucasian. Haha, it’s cool though. I think next Monday we're either going to McDonald’s or Burger King to eat because I haven't had a fast food burger in more than 4 months and I'm cravin a big Mac or a Whopper! There really is a bunch of cool stuff here though and our house.... dominates! Ok so I'd rather live in the cabin than my new house because it’s nicer there, definitely, but it’s cool. We actually have tile and a hot shower (sometimes). It’s cool though and really upper middle class here and rent’s like 100 bucks. It’s great!

Ok so a little bit about my comp. He’s a convert of 3 years and he’s really energetic and he pretty much bounces off the walls. It’s actually pretty fun. He’s a huge people person and so he likes to contact and stuff which is cool. He's from Coulican or something like that. I don't know how to spell it. ... Anyway, we're just going to keep on working hard and get baptizing!

District leader stuff really isn't that difficult. Once a week I have to give a training thing to my district and really I learned more last week than them.... ummm.... other than that, really all I do is call them every night to check up on them and then call the zone leaders to give them a report on the day’s activities. It’s lovely. haha. Really the only thing is that if the numbers in my district are low, I have to get on them and tell them to work harder. That means that I have to be working way hard too. That’s all. It’s cool though. Elder Lopez said something pretty cool: that I now have the right to receive revelation for my district to help them along.... pretty cool. I just gotta stay worthy to receive it!

That’s about it! I'm happy... And that’s really all, but wait... there’s more.... I guess with the us postal service, you can send me candy!!!!! not food, but candy!!! real American sour patch kids or something like that!!!!

Love you all!

Elder Alexander

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