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June 30, 2010 - June 2012

Elder Parker Thomas Alexander
Mission Mexico Torreon
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day and a Hospital Visit

Hey you guys!

I hope all is good and well with you and I hope this Valentine’s Day is awesome for you all! I guess I don’t really have a Valentine, but that’s ok. I’m not too worried about that. This week was a pretty darn crazy one.... Where to begin? Let’s see..... Okay, well, today is the end of the change and we got the news last night that Elder McBride’s headed to a different place so this morning at 9, we had to be at the offices to drop him off because he’s headed south. We’re not quite sure where, but he’s heading out so this change is going to leave Elder Chatu and I still in San Luis (Torreoń). It’s the last change for Elder Chatu. He’ll be heading home to Chiapas on March 28th, so in 6 weeks it’s for sure that I’m going to get a different companion.

Okay, so to tell you all a little bit more about this week that I’ve had. I’ll start with the beginning because I forgot to tell you guys last week about something I did that was very hard for me. So, remember the Simba stuffed animal that I had? I don’t have it anymore. What happened was that the little boy we baptized two weeks ago absolutely loved stuffed animals and well, I understand that a perfectly. I ended up giving him Simba.... It was pretty tough to do, actually. He had a big smile on his face though so it was worth it. He’s a cute little guy. I’ll send a picture of that one so you can see it. It was a pretty cool moment. Also, his big sister got baptized yesterday which was way cool. She’s been a little rebellious her entire life, but she prayed to know the truth and she got her testimony. It was a way cool experience.

Okay and so the next thing is pretty cool. We had a meeting with President Clark and the Stake President of Torreon Reforma last Thursday about the work in the stake and what we can be doing to have more success. It was pretty cool, and after that, they started talking about some changes they’re going to be making with the stakes here in Torreon. They’re really wanting a temple down here so they’re figuring out ways to boost membership and to strengthen the wards and the stakes here so what they might be doing here pretty quick is combining wards to make them stronger and then dividing the stakes to have less wards in each stake, but with more support for the work. It should be a pretty sweet thing once they finish it all. I guess all is done. They just have to wait for approval from Salt Lake. It’ll be pretty sweet. I hope they announce the temple while I’m still in the mission! The members have to go 3 hours in bus to make it to the Monterrey Temple. Every ward does it like once every month or every other month. It’s cool.

Okay, so now for the part of the week that’s a little crazy... Thursday, before that meeting with President Clark, we were waiting for the bus so we could head out and make it on time and we were kicking rocks back and forth to entertain us and Elder McBride kicked one a bit hard and it took a weird bounce and whacked me in the shin and it was pretty intense pain as all shin hits are, but I just thought a goose egg was going to get there and a bruise, but I looked down, and there was a red spot on my leg a little below the knee so I rolled up the pant leg and there was a nice divot in my shin. Anyway, luckily we were outside of a vet office and one of the workers came and cleaned and bandaged it and we all though it was good. It hurt, but it was good. That night, we got to the house and I got a better look at the hole in my leg and it was fairly deep so, being the smart missionaries we are, we super glued the hole shut. How about that?

That isn’t all the story though. Friday night, I couldn’t sleep at all because my leg was throbbing in the bone so Saturday morning, I called Sister Clark to ask what I should and she said to go to the hospital here in Torreon, so we went. I get there and all is good. I unwrap my leg and the super glue was still good, but it was falling off and cracking off so I just removed it all and yeah... the doctor was really mad because we didn´t come Thursday because I needed stitches but more than 6 hours after you can’t stitch up a wound. Anyway, they hooked me up to some I.V.s and for about three hours, I was sitting there in the little hospital gown waiting for the two I.V. drips they gave me. One was for infection, if there was any, and the other was pain. They gave me a shot in the butt too... I think that was just to tell me to not play with rocks anymore. So I’m gonna come home with a nice hole in my shin and I’m on some medicine until Thursday to fight off infection and yeah. All is well. Haha I hope that was a good story for you all.

Anyway, that’s about all that happened this week. I’m happy and healthy. I actually really enjoyed the talk by Elder Cook. It was cool. He is a very intelligent man and all that stuff makes sense. We have to put the example for all the others and help our neighbors grow in faith as well. It was pretty cool. This week I want to read “Faith-The Choice is Yours,” By Bishop Edgely. It reminds me of the quote Mom gave me: “Faith is not a belief. Faith is a choice.” I just like it and want to read a bit about it.

Anyway, for that info on my wards for Mom, my first ward was in the stake La Laguna and the ward was Industrial. Next,in Durango, was the stake Durango Mexico and the ward Guadalupe. I think that’s all you needed, right? I hope so. Haha I’m still waiting for that package. You’re talking me up about it so I imagine it’s going to be sweet. Don’t worry about it though. I’m not in a rush. I’ll be in Mexico for another 16 1/2 months haha. I love you all a bunch and I hope this Valentine’s day is a special one!

Elder Alexander

San Luis Ward

Torreon Reforma Stake

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