Elder Parker Thomas Alexander

Mexico, Torreon LDS Mission
June 30, 2010 - June 2012

Elder Parker Thomas Alexander
Mission Mexico Torreon
Apartado Postal 792
Coahuila, 27000 Mexico

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Holy Cow!

Hey guys!

First of all, I just wanted to thank mom for slowly killing me.... I cannot believe I´m going to be 20 in 2 months from today! That´s crazy! haha I feel like an old fogey now... also, another thing I realized this week is that Guys and Dolls was 2 years ago! That is something hard for me to swallow. Next thing you know, I´ll be packing up my bags to come home.... Scary thought. haha

So this week was a little normal, but holy cow it passed by fast. It was pretty cool though. We worked our tails off. It´s a little difficult right now because Elder Chatu is heading out in 7 days and he´s thinking a ton about his house which makes me think about home a little bit too. Kind of lame, I know, right? It´s all good. I´m really enjoying myself. We did have some cool experiences this past week. We celebrated the aniversary of the Relief Society on Saturday as a big huge stake activity and it was pretty nuts. What happened was that each ward was assigned a country and the sisters of the relief society had to do a cultural dance from that country. It was pretty hilarious. The whole time I was thinking about how it would have been if Mom and Sandy were up there dancing in front of everyone. It was a pretty funny thought. That should definitely happen sometime soon! haha. We were there for a few hours watching it all. It was pretty sweet. Our ward was assigned Argentina and it was pretty sweet.

Something else I found out this week was that our new Mission President is only about 45 years old or something like that! Nuts, huh? He´ll be living here with his kids and everything. I imagine they´re still fairly small, but who knows? Pretty sweet, eh?

We had a funny experience this week. We contacted a lady in the street this week and we had an appointment with them, but Elder Larsen and I didn´t go because Elder Chatu went on splits with a future missionary who´s heading out in a month. So they teach a lesson and we had a return appointment with them Friday which is a good sign. We get there and Elder Larsen starts teaching, to get the hang of starting it all up, and the dad of the family was acting really strange. He asked for a Book of Mormon and read a scripture from it and asked it what it meant to us each individually. He was going on really strange for about five minutes like that and just contending with us. I had seen something like that before so I had some suspicions, but Elder Larsen had no clue. Come to find out that this guy is a returned missionary and wanted to teach us and help us grow our testimonies. It was cool. It worked. I thought it was hilarious, but Elder Larsen kind of wigged out and got really nervous because he didn´t really get what was going on. It was a funny and fairly spiritual experience. Good times.

Today was pretty sweet too! I had the best meat I´ve had since the Timbermine! An elder in our zone has his own taco restaurant in his house (Cancun) and he made carne asada for us today....... AMAZING! He has his own marinade and salsa and all this stuff. So amazing.

Well, that´s about it for me! I love you all so much! Take care of yourselves!

Elder Alexander